Current version: Pre-Alpha

Description: Haystax is an open-source point-and-click Web scraper designed to make collecting public Web data available to everyone — no programming required. This simple bookmarklet makes collecting information from online sources as easy as installing a simple bookmarklet and tapping a few keys. Haystax was developed at a June 2012 hackathon in San Francisco by Randall Leeds, Miriam Olsson Jeffery, Eric Johnson, Jo Ellen Green Kaiser, Barbara Koh, Dan Turner, Dan Whaley and Tyler Dukes.

More info: Read more about Haystax and give it a try. Note: We’re having trouble with major bugs affecting the ability to iterate through pages and download data once it’s collected. If you’re a javascript developer interested in helping out, contact lab Managing Editor Tyler Dukes.

Fork the code: Want to help us develop Haystax? Fork the code or check out our development wishlist.